Officers working at 643 St-Hubert squadron are part of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC). The CIC is composed of about 7 500 commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces whose primary function is the security, supervision, administration and instruction of close to 56 000 cadets.  The CIC is a component of the Canadian Forces Reserve and represents the three elements: navy, army and air force.

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Major Jean Vassiliadis, CD Commanding Officer
Capitain Manon Dussault Administration Officer
Lieutenant Melanie Roberge Senior Instructor
Drill Team Officer
Public Affairs, website
Corporal Fraser Rae Logistics Deputy
David Lobjoie Deputy Commander
Level 5 Officer
Public Affairs, website
CadetSpace Instructor
Marie-Claude Langevin Operations Officer
Music Officer
Virginie Saria Logistics Officer
Sports Officer
Anton Kriakthounov Level 1 Officer
Ground School Instructor
Jasmine Pitsilis Level 1 Officer
Alex Lanctôt Level 2 Officer
Music Instructor
Éric Vallée Level 2 Officer
Marksmanship Officer
Guillaume Bussières Level 3 Officer
Marksmanship Officer
Steeve Vallée Level 4 Officer
Drill Team Officer
Antoine Carrier Level 4 Officer
Ground School Instructor

Unité affiliée: 34e Bataillon de service

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